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Yves Veggie Cuisine

Yves Veggie Cuisine Breakfast Patties

Yves products provide nutritious options for consumers who want food that is low in fat, cholesterol-free, preservative-free and convenient to prepare.

Not to be outdone, Boca competitor Yves Veggie Cuisine, known for its bring-on-the-mustard-and-sauerkraut meatless weiners, has come out with its own version.

Yves Veggie Breakfast Patties' numbers are even better than Boca's and Yves is fortified with B Complex Vitamins, zinc and iron to match what you would get in meat.

Meatless Wonders

All of Yves products are meatless and are better for you than their meat counterpart in either content, less calories, no cholesterol, less fat or even more protein!

Products by Yves:

  • Hot Dogs and Brats
  • Skewers
  • Deli Slices
  • Burgers
  • Breakfasts
  • Entrees
  • Ground Rounds
  • Meatless Beef and Chicken Strips

Newer Products: Veggie Shrimp, Veggie Shrimp Scampi, Veggie Tuna-Sesame Ginger, Vegan Grain Strips With BBQ Sauce, Vegan Grain Meat with Sweet Chili Thai Sauce

Visit Yves website: Yves Veggie Cuisine

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