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Wendy's Garden Sensation Salad

Wendy's Garden Sensation Salad

Wendy's new Garden Sensation Salad tastes terrific and since most of the extras are served on the side, you can pick and choose what you put on your salad. Wendy's makes the salads fresh throughout the day with hand cut greens and delectable toppings.

Example: The Mandarin Chicken Salad. Wendy's combines the mixed greens (not just iceberg), chicken and Mandarin orange segments (160 calories). Now you can get warm, sliced center-cut chicken fillets in your choice of grilled, home style or spicy for amazing taste combinations.

Then you can take or leave the sliced Roasted Almonds (130 calories), the Crispy Rice Noodles (60 calories) and the delicious Oriental Sesame Dressing (280 calories per packet; you may wish to use only half).

The other three salads, Chicken BLT, Spring Mix and Taco Supreme need a little help, as they each come with cheese.

If you go easy on the cheese and choose your extras carefully (salsa instead of sour cream and taco chips, for instance), you could end up with a decent, satisfying salad.

And for toppings, Wendy's now features Marzetti all natural, no preservatives dressings! Choose from a wide variety of tasty flavors for the perfect complement to your salad.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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