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Vegan Ice Cream Lupinesse

Vegan Ice Cream Lupinesse

For those who are lactose-intolerant, Germany now offers an alternative to ice cream called "Lupinesse". Lupinesse is a purely plant-based delicacy that is free of lactose and cholesterol, with valuable lupin protein.

The ice cream were first seen on the shelves of the EDEKA supermarket chain on May 9, 2011.

The first four flavors introduced are:

  1. Vanilla-Cherry: A natural Bourbon vanilla flavor and fruity cherry sauce
  2. Strawberry Mousse: A high grade strawberry cream and fruity strawberry sauce
  3. Walnut Dream: Dreamy walnuts in creamy ice cream
  4. Choco-Flakes: Chocolate coating and crunchy chocolate flakes

Made With Lupins

These four Lupinesse flavors are currently available at EDEKA Suedbayern and EDEKA Suedwest in Germany.

This new ice cream is a purely a plant-based product, containing valuable proteins from the seeds of the indigenous blue sweet lupin and in addition to being free of lactose and cholesterol, is also gluten free and animal protein and fat free.

Lupins are like soy beans or peas, all of which have a more or less typical legume flavor. However, Dr. Klaus Muller of Fraunhofer Labs, says "With our new process of producing vegetable lupin ice cream and lupin protein, we could cut completely isolate this legume flavour in our ice creams." Mr. Muller added, "The high portion of protein is important for the creamy consistency".

Cholesterol regulating effects of the lupin protein make the new ice cream nutritiously valuable.

This new innovation in ice cream will allow nutrition conscious people, people allergic to dairy protein and lactose-intolerant people a safe way to enjoy ice cream.

Lupinesse is produced by Helados Alacant according to recipes devised by Fraunhofer developers.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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