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C and W Frozen Vegetable Salads


C & W frozen vegetable salads do not even require boiling water. Just empty the bag into a colander, run some cold water over the vegetable mix, and you have instant salad.

Eat it Plain or Mix It Up

Frozen Salad Eat it plain or (better yet) mix in a jar of your favorite salsa or fat-free, low-sodium dressing. (If you follow the dressing recipes on the packages, make sure to cut back on the salt, mayonnaise, oil, etc.)

Now you've got a healthy and tasty reason to ditch your old-standby mayo-heavy salads with the following options:

  • Garden Pea
  • Early Harvest Vegetable
  • White Corn Pacific Harvest
  • Sweet Corn and Black Beans

The only drawback -- you're more likely to find them on the West coast. C & W: (800)-288-2676.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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