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Taj Ethnic Gourmet's Samosas

Taj Ethnic Gourmet's Handmade Frozen Baked Samosas

Samosas are savory pockets of dough filled with vegetables or meat and are perhaps the most popular vegetarian (usually) Indian appetizer. Basically, they consist of vegetables fried in a rich pastry. Here is an image of typical, fried samosas:

Fresh Approach: A Baked Samosa

Taj Vegetable Samosas Samosas are usually deep-fried, which makes for a crispy crust and a load of fat and calories.

Taj figured out how to make a baked version that keeps all the taste and almost none of the fatty grease.

One three-ounce Taj samsoa only contains 3 to 6 grams of fat -- none of them saturated -- and about 160 calories.

Taj offers up Subzi Samosas' with delicately spiced potatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, and cauliflower. Or try the Aloo Samosas' with mild potatoes and green peas, or the Tofu Samosas' with garlic and ginger.

If you are a poultry fan, try the yogurt and spice-filled Chicken Samosas. Taj adds just enough salt to bring out the flavor without adding too much sodium, which ranges from 85 to 230 mg -- about as good as frozen food gets.

If you want some added kick, dip your samosas in the tangy tamarind chutney that comes in each box.

Notable Note: Taj Vegetable range of Samosas, Spring Rolls and Punjabi Samosas are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Visit the Taj Foods website: TajFoods.com

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