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Odwalla Soy Milk

Odwalla Soy Milk

With a delicate combination of organic soybeans, the soluble fiber inulin and the amazing Omega-3 DHA, this soy milk has been formulated with important nutrients essential to your well-being.

The soluble fiber inulin promotes the healthy growth of the beneficial bacteria that helps support a balanced digestive system.

And did you know that DHA is the most abundant Omega-3 in the brain? Although fish is the major dietary source of DHA, the 32mg per serving of DHA in Odwalla Soy milk is from a vegetarian source and an efficient way to provide DHA to your body.

Odwalla Soy milk may have been formulated with your health in mind, but it has a flavor so fresh and so luscious, your taste buds are unlikely to forget it.

Get Your Omega-3s

Odwalla Soy Milk is a great means to getting your Omega 3s, it's the only soy milk fortified with DHA (a vegetarian form of omega-3s), calcium, and inulin (a fiber that helps you absorb calcium).

Nutrition Information

The Vanilla Being (100 calories per 8 ounce cup) is best with cereal, and the Choc-ahh-lot (150 calories per 8 ounce cup) is a sweet treat.

Also try Odwalla's Soy Smart (available at supermarkets and natural-foods stores). The soy milk drink in vanilla is a great base for fruit smoothies. An 8-ounce serving has 120 calories, 6 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat, and 32mg of omega-3 from algae (used to give vegetarian products and infant formulas an omega boost).

Odwalla also makes smoothies, proteins, 100 percent juices, quenchers, and bars.

Find Odwalla Soy Milk at Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Natural Marketplace locations.

Visit the Odwalla Website:  Odwalla

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