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La Tortilla Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Wraps

La Tortilla Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Wraps

La Tortilla Factory has rolled out soft-textured tortillas made with extra-virgin olive oil. The Frisbee-sized wraps contain no trans fats or hydrogenated oils.

La Tortilla Nutrition

Each tortilla manages to work a significant amount of fiber into the equation. Each tomato basil wrap, for example, has 12 grams of fiber; the organic flour wrap has 4 grams.

There are six flavors, three organic and three non-organic:


  1. Organic Flour Wraps
  2. Organic Whole-Wheat
  3. Organic Wheat and Brown Rice


  1. Tomato Basil
  2. Rosemary
  3. White Flour

La Tortilla's are perfect for quesadillas, or a healthy, quick snack with hummus and vegetables. Available in White Corn, Yellow Corn, and Chipotle at supermarkets across the country.

La Tortilla Smart & Delicious Tortillas and Soft Wraps

These have added nutrient dense ingredients such as oat fiber, extra virgin olive oil, omega-3s and whole grains. This line of tortillas includes Carb-High Fiber Tortillas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soft Wraps, Gluten Free, Low Fat/Low Sodium and the latest, a 100-calorie Tortilla. Perfect for a healthy salad wrap, a deli sandwich or with almond butter and jam or a post-game snack. Available nationally at your favorite supermarket.

And of course, La Tortilla has its Traditional and Corn Tortillas, as well. However, these are distributed only throughout the Northern California area.

Sonoma Organic and Natural Tortillas

This brand is preservative free, all natural tortilla made with flour and corn, and Mediterranean flatbreads. These delicious products are available at Whole Foods Markets throughout Northern California, and select natural food retailers across the country. If they are not at the store you where you shop, ask the store manager to order it from UNFI, the leading natural food distributor in the U.S.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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