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Jardine's Queso Amarillo Cheese Dip

Jardines Queso Amarillo Cheese Dip

Jardine's comes through again! Since 1979, they've been producing premium quality Texas foods.

Tex-Mex Flair

From Jardine's: "Our original recipe starts with zesty spice and fresh vegetables that are fire-roasted to genuine Texas cooking perfection."

One dip and you know you are a long way from Cheez Whiz and Velveeta! Serve it warm or use it straight from the jar - exceptional either way.

Outstanding over baked potatoes, nachos and enchiladas. Also adds Tex-Mex flair to omelets, burgers and vegetables.

Diced tomatoes and fresh onion, cheddar and blue cheese, roasted poblano, jalapeno, and red and green bell peppers...

Surround it with bell pepper strips, raw broccoli, baked tortilla chips, or other dippers. Spoon some over your baked potato or steamed asparagus.

Nutrition Information

Two tablespoons have only 2 grams of fat with zero

Jardine's Nutrition Information

Jardine's has large and wonderful array of tasty products!

Visit the Jardine Website:  JardineFoods.com

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