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Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt

Stonyfield Farm has introduced its Oikos Organic 0% Fat Greek Yogurt. Oikos is made by the world's leading organic yogurt-maker, Stonyfield Farm.

Stonyfield President and "CE-Yo" Gary Hirshberg's thoughts are: "Because it's organic, Oikos Greek yogurt is also better for the Earth, and we think it's better for you too."

Centuries of Tradition

For centuries, the Greeks strained their yogurt to remove extra liquid, or whey. That gives each 6-ounce cup of Greek yogurt roughly twice as much protein (16 grams) as ordinary yogurt. A little of the calcium is removed with the whey, but plain Greek yogurt still has slightly less (20 percent of a day's worth) than plain ordinary yogurt (30 percent).

Oikos open container of yogurt But there is a huge difference in taste. Greek yogurt is tangy and much more creamy. One spoonful and you'll want to double check that it's really fat free!

  • 0 Fat
  • 90 calories per 5.3-ounce serving
  • twice the protein of regular yogurt
  • fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurt

Lactose Intolerant?

Oikos has 33 percent less lactose than regular plain non-fat yogurt.

Want an even thicker, richer-tasting yogurt? Try Fage Total 0 percent Strained Yogurt. Try using it in place of real sour cream.

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt is available at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and a raft of regional supermarket chains.

Get Creative with Oikos

Get creative with this versatile, protein packed, healthful creamy yogurt by adding some to your marinades, salad dressings, sauces, smoothies, soups and even oatmeal.

Use Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt as a substitute for mayonnaise, sour cream or heavy cream. And of course, we can't forget dessert! Add 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon of raw honey (or 100 percent maple syrup) to 1/2-cup of plain Oikos Greek yogurt for a mouthwatering chocolate treat. This makes a great midday snack, too.

Visit the Oikos Website:  Oikos Greek Yogurt

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturer mentioned above.

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