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Oscar Meyer Deli Duo

Oscar Meyer Deli Duo

Oscar Mayer, the maker of hot dogs, lunch meats and bacon, is one of Kraft Foods' billion dollar brands. The brand also produces convenient complete sandwiches, such as Oscar Mayer Deli Creations.

Not only does the brand have its own song, but it also has its own vehicle, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile - which is always a "hot dog" of a ride.

Go Deli

Go for a deli-style sandwich with Oscar Mayer Virginia Brand Ham and Mesquite Turkey.

Or enjoy the taste you love the most with individually packaged, high-quality ingredients in less than 60 seconds.

These two varieties of Oscar Mayer Shaved Deli Fresh Meats are thinly sliced for a deli fresh taste and are available in a convenient reclosable tray.

Find Oscar Mayer Deli Duo's in your local grocery stores.

Oscar Mayer, a division of Kraft Foods, helps consumers make informed decisions by making nutritional information available in a clear, straightforward way. They provide nutrition labeling on all products in all markets worldwide - even when it's not required.

Deli Creations

Oscar Meyer Deli Creations Is your lunch hour too short? Need a quick lunch fix? Consider Deli Creations from Oscar Mayer, with all the warmth, flavor and fresh-baked taste you look forward to. In less than 60 seconds, you can create a lunch time option for one, served with warm, bakery-style bread, quality Oscar Mayer cuts of meat, Kraft natural cheeses and speciality sauces, all individually wrapped for freshness.

Oscar Meyer's Deli Creations currently offers Focaccia Sandwiches, Hot Sandwich Melts and Flatbread Sandwiches.

The sandwiches are made with lean cuts of chicken, beef, ham or turkey.

Deli Dangers

Lunch meats from the deli often are a surprise as many are astonishingly high in sodium. Three slices may contain almost a quarter of your entire day's recommended amount. Their claims of "95-percent fat free" mean little since that claim is by weight -- not calories. You could try, for example, tuna steak or salmon that can be grilled or topped with teriyaki sauce, instead of battered and fried. Ocean fish are a little fattier, but are still pretty heart-healthy. Shrimp and shellfish have more cholesterol but remain low in fat. For the red-meat fan, choose the cut with the least marbling, ask the store clerk to trim the extra fat, and watch for leaner cuts.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with the manufacturers mentioned above.

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