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Whole Foods Baked Woven Wheats

Whole Foods Baked Woven Wheats

The Wonders of Woven Wheat

Whole wheat and salt is all you will find in Whole Foods Baked Woven Wheats with the salt supplying only 170 mg of sodium in an eight-cracker serving.

If you like the crunchy bite of Triscuits, you will love Woven Wheats. The only difference is that Triscuit Original Crackers have partially hydrogenated soy bean oil, which gives them five grams of fat.

Woven Wheats are one of a handful of virtually fat-free whole-grain crackers. Most, such as Kavli or Finn Crisp, are made of rye.

Hol-Grain Crackers and whole wheat matzos are among the few that are wheat. Another favorite is Back To Nature Crispy Wheats Cracker.

Healthy Foods Grocery Store Guide: Snacks

Woven Wheats on Healthy Grocery Guide

Healthy Snack Crackers

  • Healthy Valley Low Fat Whole Wheat
  • Ry-Krisp
  • Wheat Thins 100 Percent Whole Grain
  • Ak-Mak
  • Reduced Fat Triscuit
  • Kashi TLC 7-Grain
  • Hain Wheatettes
  • Whole Foods 365 Baked Woven Wheats
  • All-Bran

Quick Tips

  1. Watch out for trans fat!
  2. Granola/Cereal/Fruit bars: Choose bars made with whole grains and more fiber.
  3. For Microwave Popcorn: 100 calorie bags are a great option.

Wasa Whole Grain Crispbread is made from whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt. Each slice contains only 50 calories and is an excellent source of whole grains. Even more, each slice is cholesterol free, low in sodium and a good source of fiber. Try these crispbreads with your favorite toppings.

Look for all of the above at Whole Foods, Bread and Circus, Bread of Life, Fresh Fields, Merchant of Vino, or Wellspring Grocery. At other health food stores they are called Quilt Crackers or Old Stone Mill Whole Wheat Wafers.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with any of the manufacturers mentioned above.

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