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Attune Wellness Bars

Attune Wellness Bars

Attune's Probiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria in yogurt that helps keep our tummies on track. Now Attune probiotic-packed chocolate and granola bars are on the shelves.

Attune is packed with over 5 times the beneficial probiotics found in yogurt. This is an amount proven to help promote strong, healthy digestive and immune systems.

Chocolate Crisp Bars

Treat yourself with Attune wellness bars in Milk Chocolate Crisp Probiotic Bar, Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut, Mint Chocolate Probiotic Bar and Dark Chocolate Probiotic Bar. There are refrigerated and non-refrigerated varieties available.

  • Contains more than 5 times the live active cultures in yogurt, with less sugar!
  • Provides an excellent source of calcium.
  • Only 100 calories a bar.

Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut

A decadent 68 percent cocoa dark chocolate with toasted coconut pieces for a satisfying, crunchy probiotic chocolate bar. One-hundred-fifty calories per bar, 17 grams fat, 0 cholesterol, only 15mg sodium, total carbohydrates 19g. This is a non-refrigerated bar.

  • Provides an excellent source of calcium (40 percent), good source of protein (3 grams), and contains 7 grams of fiber.
  • A certified gluten-free product.

Mint Chocolate

Attune Mint Chocolate Bars

Rich probiotic chocolate and brown rice crisps mingle with refreshing mint for a cooling, crispy bar. With only 90 calories per bar, rich in calcium and fiber (3 grams), these bars will help keep your tank full until dinner.

Dark Chocolate

These bars are truly healthy pleasure of smooth, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate with 68 percent cocoa content, only 80 calories per bar. More delicious probiotic chocolate, rich in calcium and fiber (3 grams). ZERO cholesterol or sodium.

The dark chocolate does sound scrumptious per the Attune description...

"A truly healthy pleasure of smooth, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate with 68 percent cocoa content. Delicious, dairy-free, probiotic chocolate."

Visit the Attune Website:  Attune Foods

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with this company.

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