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Blue Diamond Almond Toppers

Fresh almond Blue Diamond Almond Toppers

The Blue Diamond Almond Brand

The Blue Diamond brand has been around a very long time - since about the year 1910. In 1915 the name Blue Diamond was chosen from the term used during the early 1900s to describe the the rarest diamond in the world - a blue diamond. The thought behind this went along with the shape of the almond, which resembles a diamond. At that time, the brand name was "Fancy Almonds Brand. In 1917, the name was change to "Fancy Blue Diamond Brand. By the 1920s it evolved to the Blue Diamond Brand of today.

Blue Diamond Almonds now come in an amazing array of variations.

The "Good" Fat in Almonds

Almonds -- like any other nuts -- are calorie dense, but their unsaturated fat can cut cholesterol and protect your heart.

But unless you are one of the few Americans who are trying to gain weight, you can't just follow the package's advice to "enjoy them as a snack right out of the bag." Instead, start with a tablespoon; that is around 40 calories, 35 milligrams of sodium, and four grams of fat -- none of it saturated.

Two tablespoons is probably more realistic for most. With almonds like these, it's hard to stop at a handful!

Almonds Galore: Pick Your Flavor

  • Traditional flavors
  • Bold flavors that will "kick you in the taste buds"
  • Oven roasted - baked with no added oil
  • Coffee almonds - made with real coffee
  • Fruit flavored almonds - "Deliciously sweet and packed with antioxidant vitamin E"
  • 100 Calorie Packs for convenience
  • Almond Breeze - almond flavored beverage
  • Nut thins - baked nut crackers that are wheat and gluten free
  • Artisan Nut Thins - made from brown rice, gluten free
  • Cooking and Baking Almonds

The Range of Products Keeps Growing!

The range of products is getting pretty amazing over at Blue Diamond! While on their site checking to see if there's any news on the Almond Toppers, we found, instead, some exciting new products, one similar to the nut toppers called "Nut Chips". We couldn't resist trying them and all agree they are fantastic.

Let's refer to these as the "no guilt nut chips". They are made from whole grain brown rice and almonds. They contain no gluten and less fat and fewer calories than potato chips. Crunchy flavors you crave in 3 tasty flavors:

  1. Nacho
  2. Sour Cream and Chive
  3. Sea Salt

Blue Diamond Nut Chips in Three Flavors

Sunkist Almonds

You can now find many flavors (including Bacon Cheddar and Honey Roast) from Sunkist, which has also gotten into the seasoned slivered-almond act with its Natural Almond Accents.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with this company.

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