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Ak-Mak Country Style Cracker Bread

Ak-Mak Country Style Cracker Bread

From the Ak-Mak Web Site:

"100 percent Organically Grown 'Whole of the Wheat' flour stone ground sesame cracker is still the number 1 cracker in the marketplace since 1952."

About Ak-Mak Country Style Cracker Bread

"In manufacturing Ak-Mak, we bring to our customers high protein wheat of the highest quality that is available on the American market without preservatives. "

These are large sheets of flat bread that can be stored in the cupboard and used as needed. All it takes is a few seconds under the cold water tap on each side, five minutes in a zip-top plastic bag, and Ak-Mak Country Style Cracker Bread is soft and ready to go.

The round shape of the cracker bread dates back 3,000 years! It's the shape of Armenian cracker bread and was introduced to the United States over 111 years ago by a family named Soojian. The flour in the cracker bread is not bleached or bromated and contains absolutely NO preservatives.

Armenian Round Cracker Bread

Available in 3 varieties:

  • White Flour with sesame seeds
  • White Flour without sesame seeds
  • Organically grown Whole Wheat with sesame seeds

Country Style Cracker Bread

Available in 2 varieties:

  • White Flour with sesame seeds
  • Organically grown Whole Wheat with sesame seeds

Besides great taste, you will get three grams of fiber -- three times as much as two thin slices of white bread -- in each third of a sheet. And thanks to the whole wheat, you will also be getting the vitamins E and B-6, chromium, copper, and phytochemicals that are milled away when flour is refined.

Suggested Uses for Ak-Mak Country Style Crackers

PB & J: Generously spread an all-natural peanut butter over your Ak-Mak crackers. Top with a dollop of your favorite jam or jelly. Add even more nutrients by leaving out the jelly and sprinkling the peanut butter with a bit of ground flax seed, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds (mixed equally). Drizzle the top with raw honey.

PB & Banana: Top with a tablespoon or so of creamy, all-natural peanut butter and a slice or two of a fresh, ripe banana.

Appetizer: Top Ak-Mak crackers with a piece of your favorite cheese (not processed) and 1-ounce of lean deli meat. You could also add a slice of your favorite vegetable. Warm these a few seconds in the microwave or eat cold - good either way!

Creamy Crackers: Top a sheet of Ak-Mak with Fat Free Philadelphia Garden Vegetable cream cheese, sliced red pepper, avocado, and sun-dried tomatoes, then rolled into a "log" and sliced it into three sandwiches. Just about any vegetables will do, as would a nice bean spread.

Salmon Ak-Mak Snack

Salmon Ak-Mak Snack 1 Ak-Mak cracker
1 tablespoon cream cheese
3/4 ounce smoked salmon (1 slice)
1 very thin slice red onion
1/2 teaspoon chopped fresh dill
Pinch black pepper
1/4 lemon

Place the Ak-Mak cracker on a flat surface and spread with the cream cheese. Top with the salmon and red onion. Sprinkle with dill and black pepper. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on top. 1 serving.

Visit the Ak-Mak Website:  Ak-Mak Bakeries. ak-mak Bakeries is Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc.

Disclosure: We have no affiliation with this company.

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